Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Who Needs Milk?

I'm quite sure I've upset the farmers in my life with that title, but I really didn't mean to! It's actually in reference to my love of chocolate!

This week at The Cutting Café, we're making projects for Halloween or Fall.  I've made many Halloween projects lately, so I decided I needed a change of pace.  Besides, I had this piece of paper I had purchased some week's back, and I was just waiting for an opportunity to use it.  This week, I found the perfect use for it -- a milk carton:

This Halloween/Fall cutting file comes with a variety of windows to cut out.  I really liked this leaf shape, feeling it matched my paper so well.  I used an old piece of packaging for the window. Some Halloween Twine from Trendy Twine holds the tag on to the milk carton.  The stamped image is a stamp set from Close to My Heart, with many chocolate-themed stamps in it -- very fun!
Don't forget to visit The Cutting Cafe's blog on Thursday to see all the inspiration.  Leave a comment for a chance to win 3 sets of your choice from The Cutting Café.  Woohoo!!!!!!!
Did you look closely at the candy?  My husband can't eat chocolate since he got pancreatitis several years ago, and I'm not much of a sweet eater.  These are some chocolates I've had stashed away since Valentine's Day.  I'm thinking I should get something fresh for Halloween!


  1. So cute - well, not to hurt the dairy farmers' feelings, but...I think I choose chocolate, too! Such a sweet fall gift...

  2. this is so cute Julie and it is the perfect paper for the milk carton...love it...

  3. Always loved the milk carton file. I don't think you should worry about the dairy farmers. After all it's MILK chocolate, right!

  4. I love this, It screams cuteness:) I just love the milk cartons, esp to fill with Yummy treats...Krista