Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Wonder Bumpkin -- for Lacy Sunshine

I'm posting today for Lacy Sunshine and Coloring Without Boundaries.   I have a super cute digi, created by Heather Valentin, and a short tutorial, to share with you today.

Meet Wonder Bumpkin, one of the Super Hero characters!

I'd like to share with you today how I colored her hair and braids.

First, though, I'll show you a pic of her with just her skin colored.  
Skin colors used (Copics):
E000, E00, E21, E34, R20
Next I colored lips, eyes, and toenails.
Lips & toenails -- R21, R22
Eyes - G20, YG93, YG95, YG97

Her hair colors (Copics) are E93, E95, E97, and E09.

I generally start with my lightest color first, but with hair, I do just the opposite.  I start with the darkest color, then work towards my lightest color.  With that in mind,  I started with...

E09 first

Next, I added the second darkest color, E97
It's already starting to look like hair, and I have 2 colors left to add.
Here comes the E95:
I left a little white space for the E93 to finish it off:

All that's left is her adorable outfit and the background.

Colors used for 
Cape/shirt/hair ribbon/anke bracelet
B12, B24, B28, B29, B99
Shorts -- B32, B95, B97
Shirt -- R22, R24, R27, R59
Grass -- G000, G00, G20, YG03
Plants -- YG03, YG61, YG65, YG68

One more view of the completed coloring --

Come join the anything goes challenge at the Lacy Sunshine blog.  You have over a week to enter and there's some really great prizes to win!

There's 2 great Facebook groups to check out, too.  There's the Lacy Sunshine Color N Craft Community and the Coloring Without Boundaries Group.   Both groups are wonderful places for inspiration, friendship, and information.  

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  1. Oh my gosh! This is so cute! Thank you for the hair coloring tutorial, after all these years, I still have trouble with hair!