Monday, November 24, 2014

I {heart} You -- for Timeless Twine

It's Monday, and my sweetie is back at work.  He packs his lunch every morning.  Now and then, I like to put a little surprise in for him, just so he knows I'm thinking of him.  Bella Creationz and Timeless Twine have lots of bags and containers to make this very easy to do.

This small glassine bag (3x5 1/2) was the perfect size for a package of cookies and a small bag of candy. Then, all I needed to do was decorate it up a bit. The Plan Nerd 2 stamp set was just what I needed. A bit of imagination, a bit of stamping, and I had a love letter for my hubby.

I wrapped the bag with Autumn Splendor (on SALE for $4.50!) Timeless Twine.  The burlap flower is from Pinque Peacock. I didn't want anything too "girly".  After all, it's in my husband's lunch today!
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Check out the Timeless Twine blog each day for tons of inspiration.  I know I do!

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  1. Aren't you the sweetest?! Always thinking of others. Your hubby is a lucky guy. I'm sure he loved this special treat in his lunch box. Those bags are pretty nifty!