Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Oh Snap! A tutorial for Timeless Twine

It's Technique Tuesday on the Timeless Twine blog.  I'm showing off what I call "the lazy crafter's guide to pom-poms".  All you need is a couple fingers.  Let me explain!
First, the finished project:
Below, is a photo box.  It holds 4-6 pictures.
Like that little pom?  Here's how I did it...
Wrap the Timeless Twine around 2 fingers.  I used Lemonade Yellow on this pom-pom. (sorry it's blurry.  I had to take the pic with my SLR and 1 hand)
 Next, take a piece of twine and fit it between your 2 fingers.  This will be used to tie off your pom.  I leave it a bit longer than I think I'll need, just in case.
Work your fingers loose, then tie your knot securely.
Cut the loops apart.
Then, all that's left is to trim everything to a similar length and give it a bit of a fluff.

Next time you need that little extra embellishment for a project, give this a try. You'll love how fast it is!


  1. So cool! Thanks for the tutorial too!! :) Have a Wonderfully Crafty Day!! :)

    Scrappers Anonymous

  2. the pom pom is just GREAT...such a cute little thing to make your card so special. love this!!!